Recent tubing purchase
Service was great, but not sure who was at the counter. It may have been Emily. My issue is with the price of the Polyurethane Tubing 4mm x 2.5mm. I can buy this online for about $1 a meter, but I had to buy 3 to 10 meters of it. The 3.7 meter length on Amazon is $4.13 with free shipping (about $0.33/foot). I'm sure the wholesale price is even less. I was expecting it would be $0.50 to $0.75 per foot. I went ahead and purchased the 3 feet of tubing that I needed for about $2 a foot. I think you need to look at pricing for items like this. I try to purchase what I need from Killer Creek, but you don't need to increase the price by more than 6 times on any item....
Steve Burwell
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