Awesome, bad ass, over the top, customer service/sales representative.
Im in the customer service field and I wanna say Dustin is a very important asset to your Harley-Davidson team. He did a great job with my purchase. I mean the deal they gave me was great, but from the finance department to Dustin in sales, they had countless hours working on my deal Im sure, and never seemed not one time the least bit impatient or frustrated with me(even showing up at closing time to seal the deal he was great. ) I wanna be specific in the things he did a great job doing. He settled my anxiety at the very beginning. He presented me with all the options that were financially available. He also followed up with me in a completely non overbearing way. Which is hard to do in sales. This is my 2nd Harley purchase and I have bought multiple vehicles and this was hands down the best experience in any purchase Ive ever had. Thanks Dustin!!!! (Employee: Dustin Devereaux)
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Timmy Adam
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